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Madame Tussauds Amsterdam is closed until the 28th of April

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam is temporarily closed until the 28th of April 2020, as advised by the Dutch government.

If you have any questions about your ticket reservation please contact us via

If you have booked your ticket via an agent or reseller, please contact the relevant agency.



Adele is a British singer and songwriter.

Famous Facts

  • In 2008, Adele stormed up the hit lists with her debut album, titled 19 after her age.
  • In 2012, she reinforced her success with Skyfall, theme song for the James Bond film by the same name. The song won three prestigious awards: a Grammy, a Golden Globe and an Oscar. This was a unique achievement, for which she also thanked her partner and newborn son.
  • Adele still suffers from stage fright, and often vomits or has a panic attack before performing.



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“I don’t make music for eyes, I make music for ears.”