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Mimar Sinan

Mimar Sinan

“With its tomb, which looks like beautiful waves of the sea, the construction lifted his head. Its coloured arches rose in the sky like a rainbow.”

Did you know...

  • Born Mimar Sinan in May 29th 1489 Kayseri, Turkey Died 17 July 1588 in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Koca Mimar Sinan, the Great Architect Sinan, was the chief Ottoman architect. He lived at a time when the Ottoman Empire was in its golden age, and his name represents the heart of the Ottoman architecture.
  • In the sixteenth century, during his fifty-year career he designed and built hundreds of buildings containing mosques, palaces, harems, tombs, schools, madrassahs, fountains and hospitals. He is considered as ‘the poet of stone’ by Europeans.