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Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Bruno broke out as a singer with the 2010 hit "Nothin' on You" after years of being a songwriter. He is now one of the hottest pop artists around.

Did you know this about our favorite XXIV Karat singer?

  • At age 4, Bruno joined his family’s band “The Love Notes” and performed with them 5 days a week as a mini Elvis impersonator
  • Bruno Mars’ real name is Peter Gene Bayot Hernandez. His stage name, “Bruno Mars”, was inspired by the wrestler Bruno Samartino, because as a child Bruno was confident, independent and strong-willed, like the wrestler. The ‘Mars’ came along because girls used to say he was “out of this world”, so he used the planet Mars as his last name.
  • His father, Pete, was a Latin percussionist and his mother, Bernadette (Bernie), was a singer and he was one of six kids.

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