Donation Requests

Merlin Entertainments is proud to support our community in many ways. We gladly provide donations in the form of attraction tickets, gift baskets, sponsorship and fundraising opportunities. Please review the guidelines below for eligibility.


  • Donation requests will only be accepted and responded to via email.
  • Requests must be submitted a minimum of 30 days before your event.
  • Requests must include full street address, non-profit ID number, event date, purpose of event, what the passes will be used for and what the funds are being raised for.
  • Tickets issued as a donation may never be sold and may not be auctioned/traded/raffled via online/social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Amazon, Craigslist). Merlin Entertainments reserves the right to void any tickets used in this manner without notification, compensation, or replacement.
  • Organization must be local to the Central Florida area.
  • Only one donation can be issued per calendar year to any specific organization. Requests for multiple donations will be denied.
  • Donation of tickets are given directly to the benefiting organization. We do not donate through a third party group.


Please note that any requests which do not meet the above requirements will be automatically declined. 

If your organizations meets the above criteria, please send official request to

If your donation request is approved, you will receive an email verifying your request and instructions for collecting your donation.

Tickets issued for approved events are valid one year from the date issued. No extensions will be granted and any lost, stolen, or expired tickets are not eligible for replacement or exchange.

Due to the high volume of requests we receive daily, we cannot confirm receipt of letters, provide the status of a request, or respond to declined requests.

Thank you!